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The difference between a security grille and a burglar alarm
Posted: 8th October 2012

Whilst both act as deterrents, there is a fundamental difference between security grilles and burglar alarms:

A security grille keeps a burglar out of the property.

A burglar alarm alerts you when the burglar is in your property.

Much like car alarms, burglar alarms are:

  • ignored and considered a hindrance
  • it can take forever before the police or someone comes to the rescue

Once the alarm goes off, it requires a swift service from the police or the alarm company to deal with it. In many cases it can be 30 minutes or more. Many security conscious property owners feel that burglar alarms just donít work. So why wait until it's too late; keep them out!

Burglar psychology:

  • Burglars are typically opportunistic
  • They want to get in and out, quickly and quietly

Security grilles act as a great deterrent; they:

  • Take a long time to remove, if they are able to at all
  • It is very noisy to try to break them or saw through them

As a result, there is substantial, and obvious hassle factor to a burglar evaluating a property protected by security grilles.

They are far more likely to look for an easier target ... so don't wait till they break in, set off the alarm, and get away before anyone responds.

There are better ways to keep them out!

Comparison: visual deterrent • protects open window • maintenance free

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