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Just been burgled? Or worried about a spate of burglaries in your local area?

It's an unnerving experience, causing great distress and worry.

The feeling of being violated is not a pleasant one.

If you've just been burgled, statistics say they will be back once you've had time to replace the items gone.

So what do you want?

A solution that gives you re-assurance and peace of mind. That is:

A solution that works

A solution that acts as an obvious and physical deterrent

A solution that does not affect the appearance of your home

The options

You can insure, but this does not stop burglars getting in ...

You can install a burglar alarm, but this only alerts you when they are in, with no guarantee that burglars will not get away with your possessions ...

Whilst these options have their merit, one product goes further ...

Tastefully designed security grilles

Window Security GrillesWindow Security Grilles

Tastefully designed security grilles ...

Can blend in seamlessly with your home

Are attractive in appearance

Provide the extra peace of mind you're seeking

Door Security GrilleWindow Security Grilles

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But don't just take our word for it ...

Many thanks the grilles arrived yesterday and I am delighted with the modifications. The appearance of the house from outside is as good as it could be with any type of security grilles. Should any visitor to the house comment on the security, I will of course suggest they make contact with you.

Mr C B, Hertfordshire

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