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Insurance companies like security grilles - why?

Its simple, insurance companies consider security grilles one of the best forms of property protection available. The result is less risk to the insurance companies and them having to pay out less, means lower premiums to you!

Property owners can get substantial discounts to their premium, for QSec protected homes. In the event that a burglary has taken place, discounts on the increased renewal is forthcoming and in some cases the ability to reinsure at all!

Jason Livingstone, of Livingstones Warman, explains further ...

Jason Livingstone of Livingstones Warman"The more you do to protect your property the more we can offer a reduced premium - it's that simple. What we like about QSec products is their physical integrity, that effective barrier to thievery. One look and criminals move on to easier pickings. 80% of burglaries are opportunist, so by taking away the open window you make your home more insurable to us.

In some cases where there is a history of theft we were only able to offer theft cover again where there is the presence of QSec Security Window Grilles. We wholeheartedly support these quality security products!"

To enquire about getting a discount on your insurance premium,
please e-mail with DISCOUNT as the subject

But don't just take our word for it ...

I should like to thank you for your ingenious idea and excellent product. The fitting was simplicity itself - even my wife praised me for a job well done and praise from her is rare indeed.

Mr G E M, Hampshire

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